Hi, I'm Kristin.

 Source:  Adam Raymaker

I'm a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Most recently, I've worked in the tech industry (big surprise considering the location, huh?) but I have a background in traditional print media and packaging design as well. Put simply, I'm passionate about understanding problems and finding solutions. When I'm not designing, I tend to gravitate toward those standard things in life that seem much more mundane when written down - camping, cooking, reading, drawing, hockey, The Wire, petting every passing dog etc. 

Many thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at kristin.raymaker@gmail.com.

Feel free to enter into the strange world that is my tumblr (tzipora.tumblr.com) where you'll find a curated collection of art, design, photography, weird internet artifacts etc that inspire me daily.